Amairo no life

New beginning

Good morning!

Ahh, first post! Most of the time I don’t know what to write for the beginning. And since this is new place I shall introduce myself!
My name is Kalina and I’m from Bulgaria. After some days I’ll become 23 years old. Hehe. I’m studying in University of Food Technologies in Plovdic, majoring Catering. Actually I almost finished. In July, if everything went well, I’ll graduate.

More about me? Well, I’m in love with the amazing country Japan! My obsession started in 2009 and now is very big. I love everything about Japan – culture, nature, people, movies, music etc. Mostly music, to be honest. I prefer to listen mostly Visual kei and metal and rock from Japan.

Another my passion is technique. I love playing with different software and hardware. Well, mostly software. My big power is in HTML, phpbb2. Now learning CSS.

I’m founder of the site, called Nippon Heaven! I administrate it with 3 of my friends. It’s all about Japan. Soon I’ll make a special page here for Nippon Heaven with more details!

I’m very talkative person and I love to know new people! So if you are interested you can freely write me comments here or messages in my e-mail: ! I understand English, German, Japanese and Russian! And of course my mother language – Bulgarian.

Stay tuned :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


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