Amairo no life


There is elections in Bulgaria today. And since I’m old enough I went to vote. To be honest, when I woke up today I don’t really wanted to go do it, but my father said that I have to. So I dressed well and went there. The place is near my home and I needed only 3 minutes. There hadn’t too much people there so I was fast. But when I was about to give my vote I really wasn’t sure what exactly I have to choose. Situation in Bulgaria is very bad and I don’t see who will be able to fix it. The previous government wanted to do something, but they forgot about the people. They said that are doing this “for the people”, but now this people need money to buy bread, not to build highways. People here don’t have even what to eat, but they say that will not give money and will not make the salary high. They say Bulgarian people have money… but I think they, in their minds, they don’t live in Bulgaria but in their fabled country. So, I vote, but not for them! I hope some day in Bulgaria things will be good, but at least it will not be for me. I don’t see my future in Bulgaria.

The view you see from this pic, this is a garden near my home. Today is sunny and pleasant weather outside. But my mood is dark. I think about the future and I see nothing. I’m kinda scared!

I need to fix some things today, but really I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t like this mood of mine. Most of the time I’m enthusiast, but there is some moments when I feel really sad. I don’t know how to change this.


BGM: LOST ASH – -setsuna- (acoustic piano version)


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