Amairo no life

And it started with a…

Hey, hey! I’m here xD

Eeh, first, today is 18th May, so happy birthday to my sister. She’s now 26 years old ^^ So, yes, another one… on Monday is my birthday, hehe… we have only 3 years and 2 days difference, me and my sister.

But, but… thing I wanna write here is: I’ve got my first interview. Yeah!! It’s, of course, for Nippon Heaven! And the interviewed band was ADAMS. If you want to read it: click here!

I’m planning to make more interviews and another band is now under consideration. It was easy with ADAMS, cos’ both of them speak English, but for other bands I should think and make my questions in Japanese. And my Japanese is… not so good. I’m still suffering… trying to translate a interview of GUILD, given for Visulog.

However, I’m surely going to remember 16th May! First interview is first, right? Huh…


BGM: ADAMS – Dizzy Love


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