Amairo no life

My birthday event

So, yes, I became 23 years old before 2 days. Haha, it was very interesting day, starting from the morning, when my dad knocked on my door on 8am, saying: “Happy birthday, Kalcho. The coffee is ready!” (Yes, my father calls me Kalcho, only he xD).

Some birthday wishes started to come from the previous day. Let’s say that I have a lot of friends from Japan and they started to write me in their time zone. However, I was very very excited. Really grateful for all the messages in Facebook, Twitter, Ameblo, even Google! xD

This was one of the happiest and saddest birthdays in my life. 1 special friend, who sent me a very “interesting” message for my birthday, makes me very happy. 2 special persons totally forgot me, which made me sad. However, I had to know it already, cos’ they always forgot me. However, this is not important now…

Of course, I’m very thankful to my 2 closest friends – Dani and Milena. Thank you for coming, my dears. That was maybe one of the last parties for this year. And when I move after some weeks I’ll really really miss both of them.

SIt’s true we know each other from little bit more than 2 years, but I feel them very very close. Both of them are very very special for me. And I really hope that we will be friends forever, no matter where on the Earth we live. I love you girls!

In my heart we will always be a family, a team – Nippon Heaven team! Right? Let’s continue to work together and to love each other. You two are the best friends I ever had.

Um, yeah… I think this will be the end of this article. Writing this final words, tears appeared in my eyes and will surely start to cry again.

So, yes, this is for now. See you next article.

BGM: Alex Pak – Epilogue (I Won’t Leave you Alone)


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