Amairo no life


It was half interesting, half boring day today. Can you guess who is this one, who forget about meetings? Me, of course.

I woke up at 10am this morning, even though my alarm rang at 8am. Very calm and still not awaken very well I began making myself a coffee and thinking about random things with still sleepy mind. I remembered that last night Milena told me that she will have a lot of work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I started to consider when we’ll be able to meet in the future. And then just BAM… the thought that I have a meeting at 11am. Which means that I have less than an hour to prepare and to get there. It was good that the place is only in 15 minutes walking from home. So I was ready and got there on time.

It was actually a nice meeting. I was with my ex-colleague from the university. She had moved to another class majoring Tourism in English, while I continued to study Catering. However, we had a talk mostly about our diploma works. She have a very interesting theme. The paradox in our 2 works is that most of the material I have is in English and I have to translate it to Bulgarian, but her material is in Bulgarian and she have to translate it in English. Funny!

After we drank some coffee at a local cafe we went to the library. I have taken another book, which will help me. It’s a very big and very interesting book. In some schools it’s even a textbook. It’s “Start & run a catering business” by George Erdosh. Of course, it’s translated into Bulgarian, so it will be easier to use it.

This day after that went somehow very fast. I slept for an hour and then did some things. I wanted to read something, but then some guests came and I wasn’t able to read anything. However, tomorrow is also a day for reading, right?

The picture you see on the right is taken from my balcony. It’s sometime after 6pm. Taken from my now only available to take photos, phone. It can be seen that I added some effects to it. It’s with PhotoScape. I don’t use Photshop. I like how the colors contrasts here.

One of the meaning I give to this picture… while watching the clouds. No matter how dark you see your future, there is light, which can bring you back to life.

We, people, need to be positive. With very positive thoughts. Yes, we have our dark and bad moments, but we have to continue live and fight for the things we want and for the things we dream about.

I admit, I also had my bad dark moments, I wanted to give up from everything. But after that I started to think and then I realized that I can’t ruin my life and dreams only because of one bad moment. I’m right, am I?

It’s almost 40 minutes after midnight now. I’m still awake, drinking my coffee. I have to sleep, but I can’t close my eyes right now.

Well, this is it! For you, everyone, good night!


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