Amairo no life

Time has passed!

Today while I was in the middle of my 5-6 minutes long checks in Facebook, I noticed a pic by a friend (or maybe I should say a friend of my friend, however..). The pic was from July morning last year. We were together with him at one of the hills of my city. I thought, “wow, this is such an old picture”.. however, I need to see him again before I move.

And then I caught myself. I have this thoughts from some months already. Seeing people, which I hadn’t seen from a long time. Then realized… I’m making this like it’s our last goodbye. My plans for the future – they don’t include coming back in Bulgaria for living.

In my entire life, I had changed so many places. I had had so much friends. But do you know, friends I have now… it will be most painful to say them goodbye. I know we’ll see again, I know we’ll have connection through Internet, but… it’s not the same. I love to talk with people.

Some will say it’s not such a big deal, but for me, it is. Yes, I had lived in Germany for some time, but not too much, not my entire life. Whole my life I’m living with my parents. I’ll miss them a lot, especially my mom. I know I’m not little kid now, but damn it, I love my mom, even though we fight sometimes. My dad too. And I know I’ll get used to it somehow… to be without them. But this will be a big break up – with my family and with my friends too.

Especially with Dani. She is the first one person, who accepted me the way I am. Without asking me to change or so. We are friends from 3 years already. We talk a lot, sometimes only breath to ourselves (lol), but she understand me the most. For this time, we never had quarrel. This is the best friend I ever had in my whole life. I love you, my dear cherry girl!

I know I’m repeating myself from some time already, but this is the thing I think about the most now. However, going to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting with teacher. We need to talk about my diploma work. Finally… clock is ticking!



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