Amairo no life


It’s finally done! This morning after I woke up I went to the bar where my mom works and then had a meeting with one of the managers, so finally my documents are filled and the important work is done! Now, I only have to write a paper about it – “only” 30 pages. o.O

However, today my condition is… awful. I got drunk last night and today my head is as in a blur… But yesterday I was really feeling like I wanna drink alcohol. This was for the 1st time – me to wanna drink – and my mother was very very surprised. And my friends too. Dani even called me to ask what’s happening. xD

But this evening looks like we’re going to the cinema. Milena, her brother, Dani and me. I’m the new one in the club, but whenever they decide to go watch a movie, this exact movie is not from the kind of movies I’ll watch. This evening will be interesting movie, so I’ll go too ^^


Today’s BGM: Quraysh! I really want to listen only this.


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