Amairo no life

Today’s small miracle

mirToday was a rainy day. And I thought I caught a cold, when I woke up at the morning. And even now my throat hurts. 😦

After the heavy rain the sun came out shyly and shows this little miracle you see on the left. The pic is from my balcony and not very good, but still OK.

Today the little journey of my friends begun. They’re going to Belgium. On a concert! Dani’s favorite musician have an European tour and they’re going to see his performance in Liege. Also, they’ll make a review of their trip for Nippon Heaven.

If you ask why I’m not with them I can explain in a few words. I’m saving money for my moving to London, so now I wasn’t able to go with them. I hope someday they will come to see me and together will go in another show.

Talking about an another show – ONE OK ROCK are making an European tour and will have show in London and it will be in a time, when I’ll be already there. I won’t be able to buy ticket immediately, but I hope they won’t be sold out that quickly and I’ll be able to go. I know and like them from more than 2 years already, so I think it will be fun.

PS: It’s already 1st June, so happy children’s day! ^^


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