Amairo no life

Back in time

Well, yesterday while I was looking for a lost notebook I found some postcards. Actually only 3, but they totally sent me back in 2009.

What happened in 2009? Yes, my biggest trip! I went to study for a while in Germany, in the incredible city Karlsruhe. I still remember it, yes. It was one of the best things ever happened to me. We was a small group of 20 people, and I was the only one from my classmates and the oldest one in the group. Finishing last year in the high school we had a lot of exams, but I decided to take the risk and to go to study in Germany. And I didn’t regret it. (Just a note: I passed all exams even with higher points from my so “good” classmates and I was accepted in university.)

However, the time spent in Germany was incredible. Including studying I had a best time there. I loved it so much. I may write more about in another post, so now gonna show you the postcards.


This one is from Heidelberg. Pretty old city, famous with its castle. I visited the castle and it was amazing. I took some amazing pictures there and I will always remember the greatness of this city. On that day I also met one of my favorite bands now. They are trio and that time totally unknown for me. They was making a street live, so we stopped to listen them for a while… and we listen to them almost 4 hours. xD We sat just behind them and we enjoyed the great music. Vocalist of the band, Samuel Harfst, even said somethin about us, be he was talking very fast and I wasn’t able to understand him. Also we, me and my friends, had the chance to talk with them (in English) and they was incredible people. I talk most with David, brother of Samuel and I bought one of their CD’s. I regret that I didn’t bought more.


Another 2 postcards are from Strasbourg, France. I also had the chance to visit this amazing city. Well, don’t really liked French people. They was kinda very cold and not talking. But it’s really beautiful city. We also had a tour through the city, with a boat. It was exciting. And I visit the biggest church there, even though I’m not a Catholic. And then… the European Parliament. It was astonishing. Truly! But I don’t really want to visit it again. Next time when I go to France it will be in Paris, I guess.

In the last 4 years I didn’t left Bulgaria. This is so bad thing for my traveling heart. I love traveling. In the time I was in Germany I also had the chance to visit Switzerland twice. And month after I came back home, I made my second trip to Greece. And then nothing. Awful feeling.

But looks like I’m gonna see the world soon. Soon! The United Kingdom is waiting for me! xD


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