My Writings

To be a woman

Hello, people! Long time no see! I wanna apologize for this!

Well, today’s theme is for women. About women… What it feel to be a woman…

You know, most times you heard women says “I’m fat, ugly….” etc. bullshits. It’s not like this. Every woman should know that she’s beautiful. There is more beautiful, yes, but this should not stop a woman to think she’s beautiful too.

I went through all this. People who know me knows that I’m not skinny, and I always care about my weight and don’t dress myself with short dress or pants. But I don’t think I’m fat. I think everybody have it’s own body and should live with this. Have to accept it.

Some time ago I was this kind of girl, thinking that I’m fat and ugly and that’s why I don’t have boyfriend. All boys was telling me that I’m fat, ugly and I’ll never have a boyfriend. I was crying and I felt bad. It was a nightmare…

But then a miracle happen. I met some people, who wasn’t thinking how I look like, only what I am as a person. For me it was really hard to believe, because all the time, my all friends (girls) was always skinny and more beautiful than me. I was like the “black sheep” – what was I doing with such pretty girls?…
Then everything changed. Some people told me that I don’t have to think like this about myself and even though I still didn’t believed that this is the truth. But little by little, looking myself in the mirror I started to think that … Gosh, I’m not ugly. Yes, I’m not thin, but I’m not fat too. I don’t have to care what others think. This is my life, not theirs.

After I made this decision, the situation began to change. I noticed that there’s boys, who actually liked me… all this time. But they never told it to me, because they knew I won’t believe them.

And do you know what now? I have more suitors I never believed that I’ll have. I’m still not thin, but you know, I’m not fat. And I’m not ugly.

I accept myself the way I am! I like myself the way I am! And I don’t what others will say about me. There always will have haters – men and women, but I don’t care.

I am what I am! And I love myself the way I am!!! There is train for every traveler, they said! Sooner or later the man for me will appear! And I’ll definitely catch him! xD

So, girls, believe yourself! We’re WOMEN! This is all, which counts! πŸ˜‰


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