Amairo no life


It’s a mess, yeah… but it’s my mess!



Good morning, people! Ones, who read this, how are you? ^^

It’s just little bit after 10am, here in Bulgaria! I’m drinking my coffee and preparing to go out! Today me and mom are going to Manole, where live my aunt – my father’s sister. My parents usually go there in 2 weeks, but always without me. I have too much work. But this time I cannot skip it. The children will be angry. My nephews wants to see me before I go to UK.

Ah, and today is All Souls’ Day! Lets remember the ones, who are already gone and pray for him! Here in Bulgaria we say “Бог да прости” – “God Forgive”. I wasn’t able to go to the cemetery, because I’m in Plovdiv and here, there’s nobody.

However, I’m gonna be absent for whole day today and will be back tonight!


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