Amairo no life


Lots of things happened recently!

SFirst of all, Saturday next week I went to see my aunt in Manole and my nephews. They are two girls – 7 and 10 years old. It was fun to spend the day with them.

We went there in the morning with a bus, it was very hot and some people’s “smell” was so… that I even wanted to puke… >_> However, when we get there it was already noon, so we found everyone at home. And can you guess? Small bandits (lol) attacked me and hugged me so tight. ^^

We play whole day, watched some movies etc. Yeah, it was really really fun! The both decided to come with us to the train station. Me & mom decided to take the train this time. It’s faster and little bit cheaper.

I managed to take some photos of the nature through the train window. It was twilight that time, so the sun had started to disappear. I love to take pictures in this time of the day!

However, this week was tiresome. I finally ended writing my diploma work! It’s officially finished! Yesterday I had a meeting with my teacher and we changed some things, but it was only technical parts. She said that I did the things very well and she is pleased. She even told me that now, actually, she is learning from me.

SAnother thing, I’m preparing myself already. There is less than month… then I’m gonna move to live in London.

I went to the police on Wednesday and filled the documents for my new passport. Actually, I have passport, but it will expire December this year so I decided it’s better to change it now, because I’m not sure if I’ll be available to come and change it in December.

I totally don’t like myself in the picture. They said I have to be without glasses, but I don’t like myself without glasses. Also, they took my fingerprints…

It was actually very interesting, because last time, 4 years ago when I made my previous documents, there hadn’t this practice with taking fingerprints, so it was new thing for me.

Well, it’s Friday now. My parents just got back home. They went to see my grandma and stayed there 2 days and it was so big pleasure to me. Maybe mostly because half of the days I wasn’t at home and evenings was so calm. Also, there had a nice wind, coming from my window.

These days also was revealed a bad news. One of my most favorite bands – Schizothymia will disband. Not that I didn’t know for almost month already, but I had a hope. It disappeared now. It’s not impossible. Now also is their concert in Shibuya CYCLONE. They are releasing their second demo CD. I’m very excited about it. It looks so nice. I hope I’ll also have it soon. Thanks to Tomo – vocal of the band.

S Well, I’m kinda disappointed, because I cannot go to see them live. It would be possible… if only I had enough money to book a flight and ticket for the live. But I can’t. I can only watch what Sato-san is posting in Twitter now. Thanks God, she is so great and amazing staff.

Maybe soon I’m gonna write a long post about Schizothymia here. Who knew? (lol)


Now I have to start making my presentation!



BGM: Schizothymia – CAPE OF GOOD HOPE β™ͺβ™ͺβ™ͺ


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