Amairo no life


Hello, people! Long time no see ^^ Well, this is only my fault, but I have so much things to do, but here I come! xD

So much things happened since I last wrote here, so let me do day by day report! ^^



Hell of a day! I spent first half of the day in the university and the area around. I was kinda stresses, because I dreamt last night that I failed. Plus, still I did not made my presentation. So, this was my first thing to do when I got home. I had no idea how to start and how to do it, but I did it somehow and sent it to my teacher. She said it was good. So… good! xD


I saw people were preparing themselves for the big day. Me? I went to see a colleague from my course – Mirela. She decided not to go now, but to graduate in September. So we went to a restaurant and talk for about 3 hours. It was nice. Sad thing was that this was our last meeting before to leave. But she was… no, she is very good friend of mine. We can talk hours and hours…
Later I went to borrow Galya, because she had to sleep in my home. We had final rehearsal before the big day! We had to go to sleep early, but of course, when you need to fall asleep fast, you can’t sleep at all.


The big day! The day of my graduation!
I woke up very early. At 05:20am! I had to prepare myself and then we move to the place, where was Galya’s things. She needed more time to prepare than me. After we were ready, we went to the university. From my course, we were only 5 people – 4 girls and a boy. After all of us were there, we started to encourage each other. Actually, I was very calm. Like… nothing is going to happen.
Then, we entered the room. The committee was there. Still we had to wait. There had 3 more people from “Tourism”, before our turn to come. From my course I was 4th. I was still very calm. But when my turn came, I started to worry and whole my body was trembling. Awful! I stand in front of everybody and my presentation started.
It was morning, so I started with “Ohayou gozaimasu” in Japanese! And with this I got all their attention. My theme – “Japanese cuisine” was presented for the first time in the history of the university. Then I started to talk and to explain what my diploma work consist and what the things are. Everybody was listening to me, they all were interested. And when I finished I made a bow and said “Arigatou gozaimashita”. They all were smiling. After that they had to ask me questions, bot only 3 of 5 people from the committee asked me. I answered to everybody, even though they asked me things not really about the cuisine, but the history. It was kinda strange, but however, I answered to every question.
After that me and my colleagues went to our cafe. We had to wait for the results. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I did the things well, but when I finally received the result I was more than happy! I had A! This was unbelievable. But yes, I graduated successfully! Now, I’m engineer of Catering.

04.07 – 08.07

Leisure days! I was resting, doing almost nothing. The only useful thing I made was going to the library to return my books. Nothing interesting. Leisure! Leisure! Leisure!



Me and Dani decided to go to a forum meeting with the people from the forum “Eastern Spirit”. There had lots of people, including a guy and a girl from South Korea. For the first time I didn’t talked much. But well, the company was…
However, after that me and Dani went to eat doner. After that was a lovely evening!



10.07 – 12.07

This days I went to my village to see my grandma. Wednesday and Thursday were days of leisure again. I did almost nothing. On Wednesday, whole day, I was reading a book. On Thursday I watched a dorama – Tokyo DOGS. On Friday I successfully returned home. It was awful, very hot, but I finally ended at home.


First part of the day – leisure! xD After that I went to see Dani. It was our day together. I went to her home and she served me Rilakkuma. It was very tasty. Loved it ♥




Then we went on our trip. Our usual trip – we bought ice-cream and beer and went to the tepe (one of the hill of the city). It had a pleasant wind and a beautiful landscape.






Finally today! I woke up at 9am and suddenly after this I realized I have a meeting! I went to see my friend Ina. We know each other from the university, but she moved to study another thing, however we remain good friends. We talked more than 3 hours. I spent really good time with her!


Now at home, is almost 9pm. I feel little hungry, so I think I have to go to eat something!

See you next time! I promise it will be sooner! D


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