Amairo no life

The memory remains

Yesterday I make a little walk. I had to go to the store, which is near the place where I lived before. So that’s why I decided to take some pictures! It was a nice walk, full with memories. So, I’m taking you in a trip with me! Back to yesterday…

SI took a picture of myself before to go! Actually it was very hot day, so I dressed only T-shirt and jeans. And of course, my favorite bag on my back. xD I was ready to go to my little adventure, back in time!

First thing on my way – the garden. It starts just where my home ends. It’s usually full with children and lot more people, but it was very hot, somewhere about 02pm, so it was kinda empty this time. Every morning and evening I can perfectly hear the sounds – screaming, playing… everything. It’s a good place for rest.

Next place on my way – post office. It’s very new and works only from year. It’s in about 1 minute slow walking. Here is the place where I wait my CDs – I have to receive 2 CDs, one CD of Schizothymia, of course if Tomo send it. I believe he will, so I’m patiently waiting. Another one – my LOST ASH CD, which I won. Thanks to Japako Music. I was informed today that it was sent and have to be here in a week. I hope it will arrive before 30th.

Going next. My way walk past the bar, where my mom works. Through the day it turns into a cafe. It’s a nice place, but people working there with my mom – like snakes. Very bad people.  The inscription you see – FADO – this is a shoe store. There works a very good friend of mine. The store next to FADO is the place I worked 2 years ago. It’s empty now.

Administrative building – here is the place, where works the bureaucrats. In the same building also have two banks. Relatively new building – from 3 years ago. It was made after I left the area.

This street – so old and so known. I was walking through this please every day. Every day for 5 years. Day and night. So many memories appeared when I see it.

Just before the store. This place is very near to the end of the area. You can see the mountain at the far end of the pictures. When the weather is good it can be seen very clear, like something very big in the horizon.

After I left the store I decided to go to another place instead of going directly home. So I went to my previous place. This is it! This exact house. I was living here before 4 years. It’s a small house actually, but it was comfortable. Do you see the window on the left – there was my room. And when I was living there the fence was from stone. I had so nice evenings during the summers – with a book outside. There is a small yard and some trees. We had a cherry tree and fig tree.

It was such fun living there. I still remember. The street named “Rodosto” and all my memories from there.

It was sad and nostalgic. Yesterday… But I had to do it. I wanted to see these places for last time. My live is not placed there anymore. But it will surely live in my memories.


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