Amairo no life


And so I already had my first week in London. Today was my first official day at work. I started to receive money. Haha… Well, I didn’t expected that I’ll travel all over London, but it’s for the job. But this is not the beginning of course. Let me start from it, ok?

Going back to the first day here, which was exactly 30th of July? Our plain was from the morning – 5.30am and after 3 hours we had landed in Luton Airport. (Just a note: while we were landing I understood that there is very much clouds, I mean, not only what we see from the land. It’s like 3-4 leyers.) And then what? We needed to go to Elephant & Castle Station by train, but who tells you how exactly… nobody. So, after million questions and 1 hour traveling we finally found it. Good thing was that my sister was waiting for us; bad thing was that it was raining so much, that our suitcases became very very wet. I still suffer for my posters ;(

However, we saw our new home and started to clean it first, of course :D. And then for the evening we went to see my sister again. She was with us all the time, but she left us for a while, because we needed some rest. The thing that I don’t like the most is that I don’t have Internet connection. I can connect to Internet only when I go to my sister home. But I can’t do it every day, of course. Here, the things changed a lot, even if I’m here only for a week. First, I rarely open the laptop, I go to bed at 10pm and wake up in the morning at 6am, even 5:30. And the other thing – I don’t talk. For the people, who knows me this will look very strange, because they know what kind of radio I am :D. However, here is different and I don’t even have passion to talk.

As I wrote before, because of my work, I travel all over London. Bad thing is that my phone is broken, so I use my old one, which don’t have navigation. Interesting is that since now I didn’t got lost and I want to stay like this. Hehe, I don’t wanna be lost. I’m already used to travel with metro and buses here, but is still strange and unknown, so I always ask people around me. It’s nice to talk with people, who I don’t know – it’s for seconds, sometime minutes, today even a woman started to talk with me in the metro, while I was going back home. It was… nice.

Oh, guys, I’m really missing you. My friends from Internet. I hate not having connection, it’s awful. But I need money for it, so for now I can’t have. I’ll stop writing for now and gonna try some time soon again. Love you all. Really!!!

Your sincere,


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