Amairo no life

The Life in London

What is to live in London? Such a big city with millions and millions people in it. On the street, stations, metro, busses, trains… everywhere is full of people. Usual view on my way to work is people walking fast, holding their phones, tablets, iPads etc., listening music, reading books (e-books and real books), reading newspapers… whatever you want. First days I was feeling so strange, because I was the only one person just travelling and doing nothing of all above. You know, my city in Bulgaria is big, but not that big, so I was sitting in busses and trains looking carefully not to miss my stop. As I write before, my work here requires a lot of travelling, using all kinds of transport, so a big part of my day is this.

10 days later… you can see me sitting in the train with my headphones on, listening music. I’m becoming a Londoner? No, I’m just trying to adapt, plus this is the only time when I’m able to listen to my music. I had never believed it will be so hard to live in another country. Things here are so different. And here, I have no other friends except my roommate, but she knows some Bulgarian people living here and goes out with them. I’m all alone! That’s why I prefer to go to work and not to think about the things. The more I think, the more I feel lonely, the more I get depressed.

But London as the city London is very beautiful. Some days ago while I was going to the office I decided to walk instead of taking the bus and made a sightseeing tour through London Bridge. I really can say that it was very beautiful, I had regret that I hadn’t my phone with me to take a picture of the view. But I’ll definitely go there again soon.

The thing I still can’t get used to is that everything is opposite. Especially on the street, people drive on the left…

Your unspeakable,


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