Amairo no life

4 weeks later

So, I’m already 4 weeks in London, but I feel it is like 6 months or more. I have the strange feeling that the time is not ticking. The first work I started, well… I don’t work it anymore. It was too much stress… as I wrote, here people thinks about Bulgarians like we’re the most awful people, which is actually not fair. But however, I don’t really care about their opinion.

What to say? Let me write you a little about people here. There are people absolutely from everywhere. Walking on the street you can hear many different languages. There is a lot of people from Spain, China, Pakistan, India etc. I meet also people from South Korea and Japan. I like meeting people from Japan, it’s like I can touch little bit from their culture only by looking at them. They are like fresh air for my depressed thoughts.

The most people you can see here are not English, as you can expect. Well, we’re in London, most of them should be pure Englishmen. However, most people here are black. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say it as bad thing, but I still can’t get used to it.

But even though I say people here are kinda strange, I’m totally sure they think the same for me. I can see their interested faces when I’m on the bus and talk on the phone with my roommate Galya, of course in Bulgarian, and they look at me wondering in which language I’m speaking. Some of them even tried to ask me and it was absolutely funny, because they think that I can’t speak English.

To be honest, first week here I thought that I have no idea of what English is. I couldn’t understand people around me and it was like I had never studied English. But after 7-8 days I started to understand them properly. And I thing that I never believed, here I’m reading more newspapers than I ever did in Bulgaria. At the mornings – Metro newspaper, at the evenings – “London Evening Standard”.  It’s interesting, and there is also Sudoku. xD
Ah, I returned to Tower Bridge and… I took some pictures. Here are just 2 of them.

I will try in near future to go somewhere else and to take more pictures. For now, see you nice week, guys! You’re my precious people!

Love ya!

Still desperate,


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