Amairo no life

The Story So Far

Hello, guys! Long time no see!

How are you all? Hope fine ^^

Here time is passing so fast and in the same time so slow. I’m still suffering with finding proper work and to work every day. Not that there’s no work, but everybody wants some documents that I still don’t have. However, this theme can become very long, so will not write about it now.

It’s almost end of September and here is already so cold. I don’t have warm clothes so I need to buy some and my mom also will send me some things from Bulgaria in the end of the month. At mornings is coldest time of the day and lately it’s raining almost every day, so I always have my umbrella in the bag. It’s funny, I am person who can bear with the cold, but came here in one of the coldest places. People says that winters are not so cold and there isn’t much snow, maybe there isn’t snow at all, but from now is very cold and I know in Bulgaria in this period is still so warm and even hot. However, I’m here and there’s no way back.

SRecently some more problems occurred with my roommate, so after 2 months she will leave me and I will live somewhere alone, because I can’t keep this room. First, the room is for 2 people and our landlord will not allow me to live alone in it; second, it’s too much money for one person to pay them all. So I have to start to look for new place for me. And this time, I will really live all alone and I don’t plan to live again with her, because she’s not serious about the things here and I don’t want to move in every 6 months when she decides to go in Bulgaria for a month and not to pay anything for keeping our place.
Living here alone will be some kind of adventure tough. And as the things are going looks like I’ll spend Christmas alone. Yes, I can go to my sister’s place, but I’m not really sure if she’s going to e at home. She’s pregnant and the baby is expected to be born after 20th December, so he may decide to come in the world in Christmas. Nobody knows, hehe. My little boy, (yeah, it will be boy) he will be awesome.

Something else, I’m here from month and a half and I still didn’t go anywhere. And I decided to go and see a spectacle – Japanese performers Siro-A are in here and have performances every day at Leichester Square Theatre. It’s not that far from me and I can go, so now I only need the money to buy the ticket. They will be here till 13th October I think, so I need to go before everything will finish. And if I go (I really want to), I’m gonna write about them here. Plus, I need to buy tickets for EAT YOU ALIVE and NoGoD lives here. So yeah, I need money (lol).

First thing that I bought for myself was a magazine actually. I saw it at Morrisons and I knew that I have to buy it. Good thing is that there had a free CD in it. The magazine name is “Classic Rock” and the CD is “The Story So Far…” by ALTER BRIDGE. Actually, I didn’t know the band, but it wasn’t expensive and it’s rock music so I thought “Why not?” and I bought it. And Gosh, they are so good. I was listening to it for whole day yesterday. To be honest, the song I liked the most is “Watch Over You” – one really good song and on the CD is live performance, so it’s very beautiful and touching. I really do recommend this band for rock listeners.

SSo, that’s all for now. I still don’t have Internet connection at home and it’s difficult to do anything online, but I hope I’ll have soon. However, bye bye and wish you all the best!

Your sincere, still mad (lol)


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