Amairo no life

The books and me!

To start with, from 1 week already I’m in Bulgaria again. And with a lot of time to think and do other things. However, the theme of this article are the books.

My whole life, reading a book is one very normal thing for me. Now, we have generation, which don’t like reading books and people, who had read only single book in their life. For me this is really a shame. The fact that I love reading books is due to my parents. They both love reading books and in my home we have more than thousand books. Honest, we have them. I started to read when I was 5 and started to read book in the age of 7. I had read thousands books maybe. I really lost its count. However, there is a lot more to read and every day more and more books are being published.

Through the years I had read lots of books in different genres. Slowly, I found what I like to read and which book is not for me. There is books easy to read, also some which is difficult to read. Some years ago I reduced the number of books I read, because to be honest I didn’t have enough time, which is a bad excuse, but this is what I have. However, good things recently are digital books. I have a lot of them in my laptop memory now. When I was in London I didn’t have Internet connection, which also gives me the idea to start read a lot more again. And since I had had stocked lots of books in my hard drive, I decided that its time came.

I began rereading the story of Harry Potter, but this time in English. It was pretty interesting and also helped me to get used to the language a lot more, since I have to use it in a daily basis. Later I continued with some more – mostly some fantasy series, which I really like. And now I even read “Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov. As I wrote, I like reading different stuff in different genres.

When I got home I saw that my mom had taken some books from the school library (she works in a school now) and while she is using my laptop I started to read one of them. It came to be a romance by Danielle Steel. I’m still on the second chapter and already had realized that I’m not keen on this genre anymore. Maybe if I started to read it some years ago, I would be in the middle of the book already. Is it strange? I dunno.

However, I’ll continue to read the book to see how the story will continue, but not sure when I’ll end it.

How about you, guys? Do you like reading? Share your favorite book with me! ^^


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