Amairo no life

Back to the past!

Today was kinda interesting day! Little bit going back to see the past!

When I woke up in the morning I saw it’s a sunny day, so I decided to walk all the way to my destinations. First I went to the bank and did some stuff, that I have to. Even though it was only morning there had a lot of people walking down the main street. Yeah, sunny hot day in the end of October. I love the weather in Bulgaria. Well, a month later I’ll be here, grumbling that it’s too cold and there is snow, but now I like the hot weather. I skipped all the heat this summer, because I was in London and this hot days are good for me.

However, my second stop was the university, where I had to check some things before to get my diploma. Of course, this will be in mid-December. Good thing was that I met my old colleagues. They were all happy to see me and we talked a little and we are going to see each other for more time one of the following days. It was nice and I’m really happy that I saw them.

Final stop from my daily journey was my high school. Now when my mother works there was finally time to go. Of course, the first teacher I saw was my form-master. She is a very good woman and was very happy to see me. Interesting thing was when I enter the class. It was her class, her students, so she gave me a chair to sit on and then the great conversation began! The students were very curious and asked me a lot of things about the university and the life outside Bulgaria. Now, they are only 19 years old and on their way to graduate from the high school and they want to know everything. To be honest, I felt very very good to talk with them and to explain them some things from the life. I know what it’s when old people and teachers tells you about these things and the difference when somebody, who is not very old than you tells you how the things are. Really, I was feeling very good. Such an experience I didn’t had before. It’s good to know that I can do such things.

After this I went to see some other teachers and the headmaster. They all had remembered me and was nice to talk with all of them. Some teachers even warned my mom that they want to see me and I had to go see them in all floors of the school. But I’m glad. It was a day full of memories. I graduated from this place only before 4 years, but a lot of things are changed now. I heard some teachers had died and this was the saddest part of my day, but you know, the life goes on. I’ll remember them with good feelings.

So well, this is for now. See ya again, guys! And by the way, thanks to everybody, who subscribed to my blog! It means a lot! ^^


This is my high school! ^^


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