Book Review: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

How to start this review, I really don’t know. But well, this is the most strange book I had ever read in my life, and believe me, I had read many books.

However, when I found it on shelve in the library I was interested of its title. I took it and started to read what it is all about. But in the back of the book in the Bulgarian edition the summery is totally different from this in the English edition. So… all I expected was a criminal story. And of course it didn’t happened to be criminal story.

I started to read the book the same evening, but I managed to read only the first chapter, in which of course was still interesting. The next evening I made an attempt again, and started to read what comes the next. After the 3rd chapter I was completely sure that this book is not for me. But of course, I hardly left a book to be unread and continued to read. It was hard…

Not that the book is boring. Some people may find it pretty interesting, but for me it was sacrifice to read it. After some days I finally managed to read the whole book. I finished it in the train on my way to my village. I had 2 hours and nothing to do, so I decided to read while the train is on its way.

All in all, I give 2 of 5 stars to this book and I really can’t recommend it. I’m sorry!


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