Amairo no life


From my window

It’s very cold recently. Actually, if I have to be honest it was hot for too long. It’s the end of November and winter is coming as well. I don’t really like cold weather and try to stay in warm places, but I can do it all the time, so… however.

What is happening these days is that I’m going crazy slowly, but surely. My grandmother came to stay at home for some days – 10 days already. She’s old and can’t hear well, but not this is the thing. She is following me everywhere and do such things that drives me crazy all the time. However, she announced that soon will go back to home in Popintsi, because here is too cold for her.

As you can see from the picture, everything looks sad, or maybe at least for me. It’s raining from the morning and some hours ago it was even snowing. Aghh, really, I don’t like this weather.

And this is my city, yesterday morning. Scary… as in apocalyptic movie.


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