~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №13: DIR EN GREY – THE UNRAVELING

Number 13 from my favorite releases is not other but DIR EN GREY’s “THE UNRAVELING”. Such iconic band probably deserves higher position, but there is very good released that doesn’t even included.

First song of the album is the main Unraveling. What I like the most from this song is its chorus. I like how the voice of Kyo infects me and makes me want to listen the song more and more. I love the fact that specification of his voice is still in place even after he has some problems.

Second song – is more metal from “Unraveling”. More screaming, more drumming, more heavy sound, which is actually the thing I like the most.

かすみ – comes to melodic again. This time the verse is more soft and slow. I like muted screams during the verse. More balladic, but not enough.

– starts with a slow, mysterious sound, accelerating drums and then guitar. After the chorus, going slow again, then accelerating again. And then screams – Kyo can handle everything at the same time. And more drums and more guitar. I like especially the sound, which Shinya add to the song.

Bottom of the death valley – surely DIR EN GREYish song in 100%. I like how every instrument part is allocated, especially guitars after 3rd minute of the song. It’s not necessary to mention that the lyrics are pure awesomeness.

Unknown.Despair.Lost – perfect slow ballad-ish start and then sharply adding more sound. The same with the voice – starting lil bit slow and then partly screaming, then switch again to melodic, then again screams and again and again changing. Guitar riffs are perfectly presented during the whole song.

THE FINAL – final song of the album. This song is starting directly showing the power of the instruments of the members. Melodic song though, if you noticed in the other songs, this one had some muted screams during the verse too.

All in all, very good album. I recommend it and gave it 5 out of 5 stars.


Date of release: 3rd April 2013


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