~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №12: HITT – NO SINGING NO LIFE

HITT 183Number 12 of my rating comes to be mini-album of HITT. About HITT himself – I started to listen himself exactly on 14th February 2011. The first song I heard was “Kakkotsuke Man” and it was so catchy, that I had it on reply for some time.

Later, on same year, I’ve got the chance to see HITT live. He was playing for the first time in my country and of course I went to see his performance. I’m not going to comment the band, which was OA, but the HITT show was one of the most memorable. And he was the first Japanese musician, with which I have the chance to take a picture.

Watching through the list of the songs from his previous releases I can say, that he don’t have bad music, at all. All of his songs are good and easy-going. And in my opinion, HITT have a great voice for ballads. Whenever I want to listen a ballad, my first choice is HITT. I love especially the songs “Blue Tears” and “Chou Chou”. “Chou Chou” is one of the longest songs I like to listen many times, beaten only from the song, which came to be a song from HITT’s brother – Oono Yasuyuki.

So, time to review the record itself.

NO SINGING NO LIFE – first song is the main track of this mini-album. This song deserves attention… a lot. In it HITT explain us how much he loves to sing. I like the melody, which is very catchy and makes you wanna dance. More natural, more HITT!!!

DESIRE (Bossa nova version) – originally this song is first release in the album “LOVE x HATE”. In this mini-album HITT made a bossa nova version, which a bit slow from the first version, but in my opinion both are great for listening. Maybe in this version lyrics may be heard in a better way.

Memory – this song is not new for me as I heard it for the first time on HITT’s SoundCloud account. I like how in the first verse and chorus the only instrument is piano. This song brings me back lots of memories, as the title says. I’m back in the time when I was a little kid and everything was so easy and simple.

Morning Snow – my total favorite from this CD. A very very good ballad. It’s hard for me to write something for this song, especially because every time I listen to it, tears appears in my eyes and it’s like there is something in my throat. Powerful song, which deserves to be ranked 1 in the world’s best ballads.

WILD KISS (Jazz version) – WILD KISS is firstly released in the single “WILD KISS”. Here in this release we can hear the jazz version, which is also very impressive. Reminds me of this old movies, that I watched on the TV back in my childhood. I especially like the melody.

LIFE – the final song from the record. Great ballad in HITT’s style. The thing I like the most in it is the lyrics, but the piano and singer’s specific voice makes it sound in a way, which I can only name as brilliant. I like how the melody turns from piano only to a full sound with other instruments.

In other words, I like this mini-album a lot and give it 5 of 5 stars. As a whole release, it’s very touching, catchy, also heartbreaking and teasing. Good job!

Date of release: 22 November 2013
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