~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №11: RevleZ – THE MASK NOT DYEING

RevleZ 07 (small)Recently RevleZ came to be one of my favorite bands. I know the vocalist Kyoma since he was in his previous band Vardinal and since then I like the sound of his voice. From the first time I heard him singing I was amazed, because not everytime you can hear such voice from person looking like Kyoma. But as always happens, people can be mistaken by their look. About the other members of the band I can’t say much, because I don’t them very well, but I can say only good things since I know them as RevleZ.

Cruel – I like how the song start. Pure fast sound from the beginning – perfect drums and some great guitar chords involved. In the verses the mixture between clean singing and screams is made very well. In this song the most favorite of mine are drums. Pretty pretty good. And just to mention, the PV is gorgeous.

Sweet Night Party – again the beginning of the song is very stunning – alarms!!! And then some hard sound. Makes me wanna move… Headbanging!!! I like the chorus pretty much. And then from the second minute – bass solo, drums solo and then guitar – such perfection! Catchy song, which I can listen to a lot.

Isolated Room – this song starts like we’re in some kind of movie, added drums and then wow! The verse starts with so deep voice of Kyoma, which makes me goosebumps. The chorus is awesome. The lyrics of this song – written very well. This is maybe my favorite song from this release. I like the end – as a whisper.

Promise… – in this song we can hear the sound of piano. This song reminds me of something, which I can’t remember right now. Gives me some sense of a forgotten “promise”. I love it. And the guitar in the 3rd minute makes me feel nostalgic.

Ideal World – this song have powerful beginning. I like the melody between the words in the verse and chorus. Also – drumming. Rui is such a great drummer. As in the other songs, lyrics and guitars are great, of course bass chords too. This band definitely knows how to play.

All in all, I fell in love in this release from the first hearing. No wonder this band is my favorite. I give it 5 of 5 stars.

Release date: 13 November 2013


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