~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №10: MEJIBRAY – DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours –

MEJIBRAY 10MEJIBRAY comes at number 10. Recently this band is very popular in VKei scene in Japan and also a lot in Europe. I follow this band since its formation and as it RevleZ, I know one of the members from his previous band – this time this is MiA and I know him from the time he was Yuno and was playing in Toon Factory. Some of the previous releases of this band are my very favorite – like Slivers.exe, Sadisgate and EMILY.

Even though this is the latest release of the band and I had listen to the songs only several time, I count it as my favorite. It’s a very good release, I can say.

DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours – – Great melody with the familiar voice of Tsuzuku. He have one of those voices, which you can’t mistake. I like especially guitar sound of this song, plus adding drums and everything is perfect. Guitar solo at 3rd minute is pure perfection. I can’t lie.

メランコリア – Just like in the previous song, drums sound is very good. Like how Tsuzuku is mixing singing and talking. I’m not really into such songs in vkei, but especially this song is very well done. I think that MEJIBRAY knows very well how to impress the audience, and not only with their good look, but also with good music.

躁と鬱と境界 – This is probably my most favorite song from this single and one of my most favorites from the band. It’s a shame it is added only in the regular edition of the single. However, good songs can’t be mistaken. Ballad-y song with good guitar riffs and chords. Also, I pretty much like the lyrics. Its chorus is one which I easily remembered and recently caught myself humming it a lot. Maybe it’s also a reason that I had included the single in my list of favorites.

In the end, I can truly say/write that this band and this single deserves a lot of attention. It would be awesome to see them in the European scene. I give 5 out of 5 for this single. 100% recommended!

Release date: 6th November 2013


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