~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №9: Alex Pak – Losing control


So so, number 9 comes with Alex Pak. The first non-Japanese singer in my list so far. And let me tell you a secret, he is the only one non-Japanese actually. Lol!

So how started my story with Alex Pak? Strangely, he found me on Twitter and started to follow me. And then I decided to check what is his music like. Believe me, it was an instant love. I hadn’t listened pop music for so much time, and Alex’s songs were like a fresh air. And Alex himself is very kind and lovable person, I can tell from what I read so far.

The release, for which I’m going to write now is his first EP and it’s pure awesomeness.

Say it Out Loud – fresh pop song. Allow you to dance. I dance every time while I listen to it. I love the chorus pretty much. The melody is catchy enough to make you love it from the first listen.

Shoot me Down – this song is as well good as the first one. Little bit more slow than the previous, but catchy as hell. I had found myself million times that I’m humming exactly this song. Alex knows for sure how to make good songs, which will be liked from the audience.

Epilogue (I Won’t Leave You Alone) – here comes the truth why I had included this release in my list. I totally love this song. Ballad-y, with such great lyrics – I know all the words already and I can sing along while I listen. This song was the first one, I was listening in the morning when I was going to work, during the time I was in London. It was giving me courage to continue to fight. Even now, when I feel that I’m down, I listen to this song.

Yes, I recommend this first EP. Alex Pak is very good singer and deserve to have lot more listeners. Check his official site and listen to his songs. There is a lot more to be heard from him. I recommend also his newest songs – Scoop and Lipstick. All in all, I give 5 of 5 stars to this release.

Release date: 23 April 2013


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