~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №8: GOTHIKA – YOMI

GOTHIKA 03Changing the topic of it all. Under number 8 comes GOTHIKA. Pretty much not the type of music I listen the most. But hell YES! They are the band!!!

I had heard some things for this band from before. They had some gigs in my country, but I had never been in their live until April this year. I heard some of their songs before going to the live and I liked what I heard. But the real thing happened on the live. They perform like hell of a band – in a good way. I enjoyed every second of their performance. So that’s why I had bought some of their releases, which were in a ridiculous price after all, so…

However, “YOMI” came to be their latest release and I really do enjoy listening to it even now. This music is music I can dance to and I love to dance in. The song I love the most from it is probably “Kagome”, but songs like “Broken”, “Hong Kong Virginity” and “Disabled” are very good too. Talking about it, I pretty much like all the lyrics from this particular album. I love the style, in which Andro is writing. I’m in love in all song lyrics and not only from this album, but from their albums too. To name a few – “I’m sorry for my birth” and “Alexa” comes first in my mind.

Since I can’t review songs from this genre well enough, I’m not gonna write this song-by-song thing and just will say that all songs from the album are “gold” enough – remixes as well as the originals. I like how they put all in one place. Some other thing, which is pretty good, far from the songs, is the jacket picture. It’s very original and creative.

Track list:
1. Brocken
2. Miroku
3. Kagome
4. Hong Kong Virginity
5. The Gossamer Years
6. Brocken (Covenant remix)
7. Oxidiser
8. Disabled
9. Babylon
10. Sunrise
11. Oxidiser (Freakangel remix)
12. Miroku (Encephalon remix)
13. Brocken (Iszoloscope remix)
14. Miroku (Vigilante remix)
15. Brocken (DJ Puppeteer remix)
16. Oxidiser (Studio-X remix radio edit)

All in all, I give 5 out of 5 stars for this release and recommend it and the band itself in 1000%.

Release date: 22 February 2013


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