~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №7: DELACROIX – Araise

DELACROIX 04Under number 7 in my list are surprisingly DELACROIX. I know this band from a lot of time, but this is one of the bands, which I know only musically, so I should confess that I have no clue about all the members’s names. And I’m telling myself all the time that I have to change this, because they are very talented and makes great music. I firstly loved them because of their mini-album (I think it was mini-album) “MEL-MOTH” and then all their songs I heard were winning a great reputation for this band. However, their latest release “Araise” makes it to my list.

SE -The Precedent- – starting with this first song. In my opinion it is a good mix between some rock and rap elements. You can may be prove me wrong, but I kinda feel it like that. And this makes the song pretty catchy and easy to listen to. I can catch even some more words without checking them before.

Rebel IV – the sound of this song is so rock, that even comes to me like metal. Good screams and nice melodic singing. I like songs like this one. Also like the voice of the vocalist (his name was something with M, but I really have to check it again). Very strong heavy sound here, really. But, like one other favorite musician will say: “I like this shit”. (In a good way).

Psychedelic Revolver – the beginning of the song can make you feel like it is not even rock/metal, but then everything just change. The heavy song is coming pretty fast. In this song maybe I like the most the sound coming from the drums. Good construction of the song.

アニマ – this song change the heavy picture, which had started to be drawn till now. The sound is changed to more melodic, the screams are changed to very good singing and some clear rapping. Of course, they (screams) hadn’t disappeared at all. I like the chorus and this little bit electronic sound, followed by good guitar riffs.

虚飾に満ちた規範と鬱蒼 – this is probably my most favorite song from this release. Starting with some heavy sound, then changing into pure little bit ballad-y sound in the chorus and when it ended, changing again to more slow and touching sound. I pretty much like the voice here in the slow part. I had listened to this song lot’s of times. It’s very good and it’s the best from here, but of course this is only my opinion.

無限廻廊 – the last song from here. Again heavy heavy sound and screams, mixed with pure singing and then little rapping. They did all in one. Different singing, great guitar sound, then bass guitar can be heard very well and in everything drum sound is purely accomplished.

In the whole picture – well done songs and all. I give 5 out of 5 stars to this!

Release date: 30 October 2013


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