~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №6: シド – 恋におちて

SID 09シド or SID are under number 6. Very popular band with year experience and popularity. I’m sure that everyone, who is involved with Japanese music knows them. Some of their songs are used as openings and closing songs for some animes. “Monochrome Kiss” is first one, which comes in my mind – it is used for opening for the anime “Kuroshitsuji”, which I totally love. Other of their releases, which is very close to my heart is their single “Ranbu no Melody” (乱舞のメロディ), which was actually the first one I heard from the band. Now I’ll write about one of their latest singles, videlicet “Koi ni ochite” (恋におちて).

恋におちて – first and main song in this release. I “fell in love” with this song from the first time I heard it. It starts very calm and Mao’s voice is somehow insisting you to fall in love. Probably this song came in a moment, in which I realized in full power that I’m falling in love. So I was humming this song a lot most of this year. I like guitar solo, bass and drums sound as well as Mao’s voice. I remember that I watched on YouTube video with the band, performing exactly this song and it was amazing. To listen to this song is a must, in my opinion.

絶望の旗 – this song is from this songs, in which you can hear everything. I love the slow beginning and just in the moment when you think that this will be a ballad and bum, everything is changed. I like this kind of songs. And after “Koi ni ochite”, this “Zetsubou no Hata” is the perfect continuation. As usual for SID, the song had very well done guitar riffs and everything is done as perfect as it can be. SID are very good with this.

Café de Bossa(Live from TOUR 2012『M&W』extra in台湾) – I pretty much start to think that SID loves to put live version of some songs as bonus song for most of their latest single releases. Which is actually not bad idea. Fans can fall in love in a band mostly because of their live performance instead of listening the recorded versions. And live performance of SID is pure perfection. The song itself sounds like a SID style, or maybe is just Mao’s voice, which makes me thinks like this. It’s a good song with nice melody and good lyrics.

So, all in all, perfect release! I recommend it for sure and give it 5 out 5 stars. You’ll “fall in love” for sure, if you listen!

Release date: 10 April 2013


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