~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №5: 摩天楼オペラ – 喝采と激情のグロリア

Matenrou Opera 11Top 5 starts from here and under number 5 are coming Matenrou Opera. I started to listen to them before 18 months or somewhere else. My friend Dani is their fan and I first heard them with her. However, they’re great band and Sono-san have this unique voice and the band makes awesome music. I’m totally in love with their sound.

Their latest album is actually very very good. I decided to put it under number 5, because of their unique sound.

-overture- – a great beginning for the album. I really love their “opera” sound with electro motives.

GLORIA – this an awesome song. I like its rhythm. Strange thing is that I can dance to it. And I like also its music video. This band always makes such great music. A very big plus is the the solos after the 2nd minute. All members are great musicians.

Plastic Lover – the beginning of the song with drums is stunning. I like the tune and guitar sound of it. Great lyrics I can say.

悪魔の翼 – so let’s slow the tempo. I love it. The symbioses between the drums and the other instruments. I love the sound coming under the Anzi-san’s fingers. Lovely, stunning, perfect!

Freesia – I love this song since I heard it on the single “Innovational Symphonia”. It reminds me the sound from my childhood. I like the lyrics and especially the chorus. I can pretty much sing along with Sono-san. Love the ornaments in his voice.

CAMEL – guitar beginning. I love. Kinda different sound from the previous songs. But still good. And I love guitar solo… and then great Anzi-san is coming. Awesomeness.

Merry Drinker – the beginning is stunning. But the first you see is the title – kinda strange and very funny. I have no idea how they chose it. lol Anyhow, the sound is perfect as always.

SWORD – Again some “opera” sound is added. This one of the things I like the most in this band. Just like the other songs, lyrics are perfectly great. Really, this band plays awesome together. The sound coming from he keybord, Anzi-san, will probably be always my favorite.

Innovational Symphonia – it was great single and I’m happy that this song is also included in the album. I like the chorus and symphonic sound, as the title supposed it to be. And as in every song, all solos – especially guitar one – are so perfect.

永遠のブルー – starting and being a very great song, ballad-y in times. I love this kind of songs of the band. I can listen to it a lot when I’m sad.

Midnight Fanfare – this is the most incredible song in the release, if I should be honest. Even if it’s only instrumental. I had listened to it probably 450 times already. Very very good. One day I would like to play the keyboard of this song.

喝采と激情のグロリア – this song is the last of this album. And also the title of the album. It’s good song, rhythmic, with good lyrics only. A good end for such great album.

All in all, an epic album, I love to listen is. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Truly recommended.

Release date: 6 March 2013


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