~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №4: KAT-TUN – 楔-kusabi-

KAT-TUN are under number 4. Hell, yeah! lol Yes, I’m a big fan of KAT-TUN, from 4 years already. Well, it’s not from the start, but it’s hella much time. I know them since they were 6 members, not only 4 like now. I misses Akanishi, when he lept, but I miss Koki even more. The other members are great enough to continue like this, but I prefer to be 6 like before. However, this can’t happen.

I love this band pretty damn much  – they are my first favorite Japanese band. I found them after I watched a drama with Kamenashi Kazuya. Aand yes, he is my favorite member. But of course, I like the other members too.

楔-kusabi- – the first and main song from the album. It is opening track for Kame’s drama, which is still airing now. Very good song, which I like a lot. Even though Koki is missing here already, the sound is good and lyrics too. I like this “More than secret”

GIMME LUV – have a good beginning with little electronic sound. For me, the melody while they sing the verses sounds me a little bit symphonic, but of course it can be only my imagination. lol Good chorus and it have a good guitar riffs somewhere after the third minute.

ON & ON – it starts with mixing and have such sound. It is kind of song – somehow very happy, very pop. But I like it, it’s KAT-TUN, right? hehe

FIRE and ICE – starts with fastened piano sound and then the verse is starting also in that speed. This is probably my second favorite song in this release after Kusabi. It have that thing in it, which makes you to listen it again and again. Reminds me a bit of their old songs.

BLESS – I like the melody of the song. It calms me down at times and I also like its lyrics. That repeating beat all over the whole song is catching.

僕なりの恋 – Good ballad-y song. I like the title. And even though its a love song, it reminds me of some other things. Their voices are so charming here.

FANTASTIC PLANET – first to say about this song – I like the beat. Typical song with typical sound especially for this band. The melody is also good, catchy somehow and I can already sing along with band during the chorus.

4U – for me this song sounds like it’s written for a school drama and I have no idea why. It have good verses and chorus and the melody is catchy. Very… “cute”? I don’t know…

MONSTER NIGHT – this is a solo song of Ueda Tatsuya. And it is also a theme song for a drama, but I forgot the its title, sorry. It’s very fairy song, as coming from some fantasy fairytale. I like the sound and how it is represented. Actually, I like all solo songs of Ueda.

PHOENIX – this is the last song from this release. This song is one of this, which you can memorize very fast. I can hear bit of epic in this, which is a thing I like a lot. Fantasy song!!!

All in all, this mini-album is very good. I included all the songs from all the editions, cuz I know them all. And so, I give 5 out of 5 stars to it and recommend it.

Release date: 27 November 2013


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