~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №3: ギルド – 7ヶ月連続リリース

GUILD 243Top 3, yeah. Under number 3 this time comes GUILD. This is my most favorite visual kei band and also first Japanese band I went to see live. It was back in 2010, but I still remember it very well. And I love them since when. I don’t have favorite member, cos I love them all. They are so big part of my life, that the fact that I know the whole band biography is kinda scary. However, they didn’t had n official release this year, but they released some songs through the popular and also Skiyaki Werk. So, I’m gonna write about them now.

シンデレラ – this is the first song from this consecutive song releases. It’s fast and funny song, with good beats and of course guitar. Ryuichi’s voice is really evolving in this song. And the fastened drums of Koichi and then the 3 solos – Koichi, Takuma, Koichi, Takuma and then Yoshihiro. Pure awesomeness!!!

星に願いを – this is the only song that I hadn’t heard, so I can’t write anything.

さよなら – to be honest, when I saw the title for the first time I thought that this will be a ballad, but it’s not. Yes, it’s not that fast like the usual one, but it’s not also that slow to be a ballad. As always I can say that Yoshihiro is great composer and guitarist, but Ryuichi also gave a very good lyrics to the song. Good guitar solo and everything.

CARAVAN – powerful beginning. I love when their songs begin like this. One thing about the title – I still have no idea why they decided to name the song like this. However, it’s catchy song, which can makes you wanna dance. It have some not electronic, but that kind of sound, during the verses, which is good add to the song. Again, as in every song, Yoshihiro makes a great guitar solo. In this song especially I like the bass sound – Takuma is very good bassist. It’s bad that I can hear it well only when I put my headphones.

誘惑ラプソディー – good beat in the beginning and then the guitar, and then so addictive words. It’s not accidental that this is the song, which will be released a single. Very good, fastened song, which memorable lyrics and melody. Now when the MV is released I can say few words about it too, I mean OSM version – it’s pretty concentrated on Ryuichi. Too much Ryuichi and his cuteness. I’m brightened. And I like a lot how the end of the song, which in the MV you can see a great shot of Yoshihiro’s playing hand.

プラネタリウム – this time we start with Koichi. Then again catchy melody, little bit slow than the previous one, but still not ballad. The lyrics reminds me a bit of Sayonara, but of course the song-writer is the same. This song is also included in the new single. I wonder what can be the video if they make one. The melody is also that kind, which reminds me of something, but I can say the correct words for it. I recommend you to listen carefully to Ryuichi’s voice in this exact song.

ABC – fast upbeat song, very catchy and makes you wanna dance. To mention something, Ryuichi sings correct the letter “C”. You will maybe think what is the specific in this, but Japanese people cannot say it correct most of the time and you can hear shi instead of c. However, the song itself have a powerful appearance and it’s well structured.

Well, this is he whole story I can write now. These songs are very great in my opinion and I give 5 out of 5 stars to every one of them.


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