~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №1: Schizothymia – Keep Our Fate

Schizothymia 97And the big number 1! For the people who knows me won’t be a surprise. This band is number 1 in my heart, even though they’re disbanded now. I found this band few months after their formation and I was a big fan till the end, actually I still am! I love to listen their music. I had written a lot about them and now it’s still difficult for me to accept that they’re not active  band now, but however, I love Schizothymia.

“Keep Our Fate” is the second demo of the band and the last CD, which was released by them.

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE – this is the first song from this CD and probably one of my most favorite songs. It have interesting title, catchy melody, good guitars and nice drumming. I love to make headbang while listening to this song. But the most important thing for me in this exact song – lyrics. Very best and well written lyrics. I like the most the part where Tomo is singing clear, but I like the other parts too. And I can understand even the screams. I won’t lie if I say that I had listened to this song more than thousand times.

THROE – I first heard this song from a live video on YouTube. This is a very powerful song, a lot of screams, but also a good melody. Very loud guitars and I can clearly hear the bass, Saako is very good with her bass guitar. The melody started from 1:52 is addictive and memorable and in the end is interrupted with screams, then start again for a bit and then again screams. But it can be heard well and it’s catchy, very catchy. I’m not surprised that this exact song is included in the CD. Good choice, guys!

GOING PEAR SHAPED – one of the very latest songs. To be honest I’m still not sure why it have exactly this title, but it’s ok. It starts powerful like most of band’s songs and with nice screams. Somewhere around 1st minute we can hear a clear sound and something, which is happening for the first time – Saako have her singing part too. I like the chorus of this song, but the verses are very good too. I love Tomo’s lyrics. He knows very good how to write powerful and meaningful lyrics. I’m in love – both in the lyrics and in him (lol).

I wish that this will not my last review about something from this guys, and actually it will not be. Probably I’ll write soon about Tomo’s latest songs. And other members of Schizothymia are now in a new band called Breathe for a Moment, but I hadn’t heard anything from them yet.

All in all, this is very good demo release. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it in million percents. You can find their songs in YouTube – just write Schizothymia.

And just to mention some thing. In here is still 27th December and I can still write this: “Happy sweet birthday, Tomo!!!”

Release date: 28th June 2013


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