~Top 13 FR of 2013~ №2: LOST ASH – THE REAL

LOST ASH 88LOST ASH are coming under number 2 and there’s no wonder why they’re on so high position. This band is one of my most favorite bands and currently they are only 2. lol However, this guys are very special for me and also they’re making very good music. And also I like their clothing style a lot. They had released an album and single this year, but since I have the album first, I’m gonna write about it.

RISK MY LIFE – the album starts with this fresh song. I like a lot this song, nit really sure why. It have a good upbeat sound with good guitars and interesting lyrics. It’s chosen very well to be the first song from the track list of the album.

Deadly444 – great beginning, exactly my phone ring tone. Fast song, with good melody and nice screams. Daiki’s voice is very great, singing this kind of songs. And he have good English pronunciation.

Gimme a break! – very catchy song, somehow makes you wanna dance in some parts. Good bass sound, coming from Sai. Perfect also for a good headbang. I like the chorus very much. I like the part guitar-drums-bass and all over again.

SP!T !T OUT!! – I like the rhythm of this one. And also the difference between the verses and the chorus – I mean as a speed of singing. Other thing is, Dye behind the drums is so good, it can be heard a lot. And also I like Show’s guitar solo in this song. MV of the song is made very well too – I like watching it.

THIS MY PRIDE – good song, written in a typical LOST ASH style, which I like too much. Show-chan again is performing very good with the guitar. I love the lyrics of this song and especially the chorus. Again, good drumming and bass guitar. Addictive song I can say. The end is perfect for wide headbang.

SUMMER – a song, which I know from before as it was released as a single last year. Catchy song, which deserves its title. Even though it’s winder, end of December, I can feel the summer again. Yeah, I miss the hot weather. Very upbeat and “happy” song – fresh air from the summer.

KEEP ON – The thing, which caught my interest firstly was the lyrics – they’re interesting and.. very good actually. I also like its sound and nice melody. It’s a shame it’s included only in the regular edition of the album (good that I have it). And I can say it’s a very good idea mixing different sounds (somewhere in 3rd minute).

twilight – great beginning of the song. And even though there is nothing in it like this, it reminds me of a book with the same title. This song was also released in a single, along with SUMMER and of course I know it from a lot of time already. Other thing with this song is that it begins with the chorus. This song have good lyrics too and I like guitar solo a lot – maybe mostly it in this song. This solo makes me feel a little bit nostalgic. Good job, Show-chan.

EGOIST – again song, included only in the regular edition. Fast melody – good for headbang. And mixing with a little bit of rapping(?), singing and screaming in some moments. I like this a lot. And Daiki have a very specific voice, which makes the things even better. I love that part with the fast drumming, hell yeah, and then Show is interrupting it with guitar solo – also fast. Pure awesomeness.

MASK“Hi, everybody”… I feel so good when I hear this. Simply perfect beginning of the song. Upbeat catchy melody with awesome lyrics, which I know word by word. This song was my ringtone for a lot time. Very memorable melody, with good guitars and perfect drumming and bass sound. Show’s guitar solo is pure love.

LOVEDIVER – very rock sound in the beginning of this song. For I don’t know which time, great job, Show-chan! I love this guitar. Also interesting lyrics. But for me, in this song, the most memorable is… guitar! I don’t know how to explain it.

THE CHARMS – very “charming” song. It’s slower than the previous songs and this makes is a good end of the album. A bit reminds me of one pop song, but it’s maybe only a strange coincidence. All members did a great job in this song. It’s an awesome one. I love it.

-setsuna- piano version – this one is a special bonus song in the limited edition of the album. Originally, -setsuna- is probably my most favorite song, but this one version maybe is even better. Only piano (Dye part) and Daiki’s voice. I love to listen to it when I’m very sad and while listening I can cry a lot. Some kind of relief. Perfect performance.

So, all in all, one of the greatest albums, which are released this year. Have a different songs and actually you can find everything you are looking for. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Recommended – 10000%.

Release date: 1st May 2013


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