Drama Review: The Heirs

The HeirsTo be honest, I had to write this post long long ago, but well…  I finished this drama along with the Korean public, but I have no idea why I didn’t posted before. However, here I am, trying to write good thing about it.

When I started it I had watched the first 5 episodes at once. It was a pure addiction. Then of course I had wait it episode by episode because it was airing in Korea, so I had no choice but waiting. About the drama – the plot is interesting, no matter what other people say, and I like the artists, which plays the main characters.

Let’s see what says D-Addicts DramaWiki about the drama plot:
“A romantic comedy about high school students living in top 1% high society, learning about love and friendship. Things get turned topsy turvy when the students end up getting tangled with a girl from lower class who is the heir of “poverty”, and romance unfolds.”

This was the first synopsis I read about the drama and I don’t know why I decided to watch it. But hey, school drama with Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho in the main roles… I just had to watch it. Plus so much more other Korean young actors… I just had to.

Most of the time I was laughing, I also cried a lot. And I found a diamond. Yes, Park Shin Hye is my one & only favorite actress so far and this was drama, which I was going to watch sooner or later, but here I found also my new favorite actor. I don’t have very much favorite actors from South Korea, but now I have for sure. And this is… Kim Woo Bin. The guy is the most awesome Korean actor I had ever watched. I will surely follow his career and his steps. He is very talented and very… tall (lol).

I am not going to reveal any more from the drama, you have to watch it for yourself, but believe me – you need to watch it in the very near future! Don’t forget also to check Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Min Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul. Also all the other awesome actors, acting in this drama!

Have a nice watching!!!


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