Drama Review: Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

IB_S_BASIC_COPYRIGHT =OK, so finally it’s time to write about this drama too. I started to watch it before more than an year. Yes, 1 year!

I have no idea why it happened like this. The actors are young and promising, the plot is interesting, the music in it is good – then why it take me 1 year t watch all the 16 episodes? I’ll be honest – I don’t know why, or maybe I know. Because the guy in the main role in the beginning had died in the end of the second episode. Huh… this is really disappointing, ne?

Talking abut the plot and the actors – there is too many beautiful faces in this drama. I like the way they show the music business in South Korea and how can everything get broken because of too small things, which is very stupid in my opinion, but I’m Bulgarian citizen and the morals in Korea are pretty much different from here.

From the main actors I really like the one playing the role of Lee Hyun Soo. This is exactly L from the Korean pop band INFINITE! He plays his role very well and he is one of the prettiest men I saw. Good actor and good musician. Lee Hyun Jae also played very well and it was good to understand that he is a drummer in the real life too. His band is very good. The guy I was writing in the beginning is actually Lee Min Ki playing the role of Joo Byung Hee – nice styling and good role.

The guy playing the main role is exactly the actor Sung Joon. Good good actor and he sings very well even though he is not a singer actually. He madeย  great appearance. And I’m not going to write about the female characters – it such a waste of a blog space. Haha!

Well, that’s all! Finished the drama after 1 year trying! I’m such…

Main cast EYE CANDY:
Sung Joon as Kwon Ji Hyuk
L as Lee Hyun Soo
Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il
Kim Min Suk as Seo Kyung Jong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin
Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee

Strawberry Fields
Jung Ui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon
Kwak Jung Wook as Jung Ma Ro
Kim Hyun Joon as Park Pyo Joo
Kim Hyo Seok (LED Apple) as Drummer

Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah
Kim Ye Rim as Kim Ye Rim
Kim Jung Min as Bang Woo Kyung


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