“White Christmas” ~ Are monsters born or created?

White Christmas“White Christmas” – this title is chosen so well. When you see it you won’t probably think that this is a mystery thriller drama. I usually don’t watch such kind of dramas, but this is an exception to my rule. Since I became a fan of Kim Woo Bin, I decided to watch some other of his dramas. Plus, Sung Joon and Kwak Jung Wook are in here too and I recently watched them in “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band”.

From the first episode it came to my mind that this drama will be scary for me. The school building, the scary shadows everywhere and the music… especially in the end of every episode. At first the mystery with this black letters – who sent them and why this one person wants a revenge. The mystery… that fact, that anyone can be that one sender and anyone can be in charge to kill the others. And later, the serial killer. I always wondered how works the mind of such kind of a person. Or is he/she still a person? And then comes the big question…

Are monsters born or created?

This was the big question during this drama? I decided to make an experiment, just like the doctor in the drama, but mine wasn’t that killing. I asked several people and all the answers were: Created!

Yes, we were all born innocent. Like every little baby on the world. How a person will grow up and become an adult, it all depends on the family. But not only the family is guilty. Every single person have own mind and make own choices, right? It’s not only the way your parents treat you, it’s also the way how you will answer to this. What you’ll become when you grow older is only your own choices. And as a free person you can decide for yourself.

An angel or a monster? Are we all angels? Or in every person is hidden a small monster, who waits to show itself on the surface? And how this monster can be awaken? And if this happens – then why? For me this a no ending story and every answer is suitable depends on the person, who gives it as an answer. So then what do you think – are monsters born or created? And if created – why?

Kim Sang Kyung as Kim Yo Han
Baek Sung Hyun as Park Moo Yul
Kim Young Kwang as Jo Young Jae
Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoon Su
Kwak Jung Wook as Yang Kang Mo
Hong Jong Hyun as Lee Jae Kyu
Esom as Yoon Eun Sung
Kim Woo Bin as Kang Mi Reu
Sung Joon as Choi Chi Hoon
Jung Suk Won as Yoon Jong Il
Lee El as Oh Jung Hye

Director: Kim Yong Soo


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