Tomo’s accoustic live – 26.12.2013 at Asagaya harness

Tomo 426So so, to start with the fact that actually I wasn’t personally there. Sad thing to start with, but I have to be honest. Then how am I supposed to write about the event I wasn’t in? Well, the answer is very simple – thanks all to Sato-san. Sato-san is an amazing woman, also ex-manager of Schizothymia and this Tomo in the title is exactly the ex-vocalist of Schizothymia. He held sometimes some acoustic lives after the disbandment, but not that often as I want. Probably he wants more too. However, back again on the topic, just some hours after the live Sato-san sent me videos with the performance. 2 songs performed by Tomo and 1 duet with Naruse Akira.

Now writing about this I’m listening again. It’s hard to listen only, without watching, but well… Bad thing is that I have no idea about the song titles. So first song, very touching song with good melody. When it comes to Tomo’s song I should say that the most important are lyrics and this songs – somehow romantic but not that much. Only listening I can say that he is probably in love and if not he have a strong feelings to this woman, which wants to protect. I love the chorus of the song – I have it on my mind since then and I found myself a lot of time humming “Kimi wo mamoritai…”.

Changing tune to the second song. When I was listening the first song it was more about the other person. This song, I think it’s more about Tomo himself – one should be 100% clear that he wants to sing all the time. This desire of him is pretty good for me, because I love to listen him singing. I like how his voice is trembling while singing this song. I also have memorized lines from this song and I think it was last week, when whole day I was listening exactly to this song.

I love this songs and I listen to them a lot recently, again when I’m sad, which happens a lot lately. They pretty different from the songs, released with Schizothymia – there’s no screams at all and they are so melodic and so soft. I love this soft way of singing.

The third video is the one with Naruse Akira. The song is used to be “Knockin On Heaven’s Door” by Gun’s N’ Roses, but the only correct words from the song are “knocking on heaven’s door”. The verses are some mix of words for gratitude and not only. But the performance if very real, very interesting. Naruse-san is also playing on harmonics, which adds some more awesome taste to the songs. I can not write about the songs, performed only by Naruse-san, but I have videos only with Tomo, which is quite enough for me actually.

Well, that’s all from me. I wish I really was there, but Japan is still way too far from me right now. However, I guess it was an awesome live and great evening for the people, who were there.


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