Music Review: LOST ASH – Kodoku no Kakera

LOST ASH 88Let’s talk again about LOST ASH. This time I’m going to write about the latest single of the band – “Kodoku no Kakera”. This is the first CD of the band with the title in Japanese. Even though the band sings in Japanese, they always had released their CDs with titles in English and this is the first time they change this. Also, this the first singles in which song titles are in Japanese. I’m glad to see this. However, let’s see what the CD have in it.

LEMOA-5Release date: 04 December 2013
Track list:
1. コドクノカケラ (Kodoku no Kakera)
2. Remain~アイノカケラ~ (Remain ~Ai no Kakera~)

And so, when we talk about “Kodoku no Kakera” I just can’t skip to say that this song is awesome. Starting with upbeat sound and straight with the chorus. This song have good piano sound and good lyrics lines. Very catchy. I already knows it and can sing along with Daiki. And I like how guitar solo is made.

“Remain ~Ai no Kakera~” is the second song in the single. It’s kinda slower than the previous one. Daiki’s voice is very specific and make this song to sound somehow very nostalgic. Probably only my opinion, but it makes me feel like this. There is not that many songs like this one. If I have to recommend this single it will be because of this song. Show’s solo guitar along with Dye’s drumming is pure awesomeness.

overHORIZON -EXTRA DUB MIX- is the third song and is included only in the regular edition of the single. Very upbeat and fast remix. The original song is one of the very favorite of mine when we talk about this band, but this remix is also very good. I would like to dance to it if I’m on a party. Catchy and kinda hottie.

You can watch the whole PV of the song “Kodoku no Kakera” right below!


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