Well well, as it may be seen from the title I’m going to write about HIM and my story with them. HIM actually is very popular band and I know them from very long time, but to be honest I knew only few songs. I don’t know why but I never had the idea to check them and listen to more their music. So then, how come I’m writing about HIM? Well, I met Milena and then here comes the story.

When I met Milena she wasn’t at all into Asian stuff, but she was really into some Finish music. Rock mostly. Actually it happened that both my best friends are into that kind of music and especially The Rasmus. But Milena’s other love is not other band, but HIM. She was listening to HIM all the time and especially the last 2 years I’m listening with her.

SLast year was released the latest album by HIM – “Tears on Tape” and of course Milena bought it. Another thing she had bought is a fan pack, special HIM edition of “Metal HAMMER”. Disc, magazine, poster… And as a good friend, I had the chance to take and read the magazine. There had interviews with band members and most of all, I went through their whole history – from the beginning till now. I can say that it was really interesting and now I can say that I’m really a fan of HIM. I still can’t remember the Finnish names of the members, but maybe sometime in the future I’ll remember all. I’m impressed, really… and I already have some favorite songs by them – “Bleed Well”, “Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly”, “Scared to Death” and “Killing Loneliness” are only a few to name. “All Lips Go Blue” is probably my favorite song from “Tears on Tape”.

And of course, “Join me” and “Wicked Game” – I knew this songs even before knowing Milena. So you really should go check this band if you still don’t know them! Recommended!!!


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