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[Fan fiction] Koichi: Innamorato

It was that night. Everything started that night and then nobody wasn’t able stop it…

         GUILD had two-man live with their friends from Anli Pollicino and now they were eating in a local restaurant in Hiroshima. It was kinda big live for them, only their senpais from Golden Bomber were missing, but both band were happy from the result. It was really wild live and their fans were crazier than usual. Too many conversations, everybody was talking at the same time. But an observer was looking at a friendly men group, which was talking about girls only. There had two camps: one made by Ryuichi and Yoshihiro from GUILD and Shindy and Takuma from Anli. They were talking mostly about the live and they were planning their upcoming live together, but this time along with Golden Bomber. As alsways, Yoshihiro was going to play guitar for them, but other members always were different.

         Other camp was obviously Takuma and Koichi from GUILD and Yo-1, Masatoshi and Kiyozumi from Anli. In here the atmosphere was absolutely different. They were talking about girls. And in particular, the girls they met this night at the live. The girls were pretty hysteric and screamed as never before. It was like a miracle. They were all jumping, screaming, dancing along with bands, especially in the last performance, in which both bands were playing and singing.

         Did you saw this? – asked Kiyo. – All the girls were crazy.

         Yeah, dude! It was awesome! – pointed Takuma.

         But I think that we have to be little jealous. – continued Kiyo. – Everybody was talking how hot is Koichi. Hadn’t you saw them? They were all asking where’s Koichi and how they want to take a picture with him. Crazy, man!!

         Koichi-saan! Share your secret with us, we want to know it too! – Masatoshi said.

         No no no, you misunderstood it. It’s not like this! – chuckled Koichi and tried to change the theme of the conversation.

Koichi didn’t want to talk about this. It was obvious that all girls wanted him. He was the star of the night, and he was very hot! He knew it! But this was not the thing he wanted. The other guys continued to talk about this, be he wasn’t interested anymore. He was thinking about more interesting things. He saw something that night and he wasn’t sure if it’s true or not. And he had to check this for sure. No mistakes were allowed!

With a sigh, he continued to think about the thing, which couldn’t get out of his head. Was he fallen in love? If yes, why now? If no, why he was thinking so much about this person? It was so embarrassing and so sweet at the same time. Yes, he had to understand this for sure. And it had to be soon. Really soon.



They were finally at the hotel. Koichi was already too tired, so he declined the invitation from Ryu and Takuma to drink something before going to sleep. Hire agreed with him and they went to their room to rest.

Yes, this time they changed it. Usually Koichi was sharing a room with Takuma, but now he was with Yoshihiro. He wanted to be with Yoshihiro, because he was a quiet one and Koichi knew that he will be able just to lie in the bed and think. Hire was going to sleep for sure.

He was now in the bathroom, taking a shower, and Koichi was free to think about the things from this evening. And he was wondering whether Takuma and Ryu are in the bed or they’re drinking somewhere. “They’re probably resting now”, he thought and sighed. This thought nagged at him. Is this love for real? How come now? Why this person? Or it was a mistake… a deception. He really had to check it and why not now… Yoshihiro was going to be his victim. But how to do it, without Hire to understand?

At the same moment he saw that Yoshihiro is going out of the bathroom and preparing himself to go to bed. Koichi hadn’t known what to do, so he decided to wait until Hire fall asleep. And probably this was the best decision.

         Oyasumi nasai! – said Yoshihiro and crawled under the blankets.

         To you too. – whispered Koichi.

After only 5 minutes Yoshihiro was fast asleep. Koichi got out of the bed and went to that of Yoshihiro. He slept peacefully and wasn’t going to wake up soon. This was the perfect situation for Koichi and he decided to make an action. Uncover his blankets and stared into him. And it hit him… nothing happened, pure nothing! He was watching at Hire, but there hadn’t any feeling, any of these feelings we had while watching at his secret love. Absolutely nothing.

Yoshihiro muttered. Startled, Koichi bring back the blankets and went silently to his own bed. Then he stared at the ceiling. He wasn’t able to fall asleep. Too much thoughts, too much feelings, too much worrying… What was he going to do? The situation was going to became more and more strange. And Koichi wasn’t prepared for it.



3 days later.

GUILD were invited into Kenji’s house. It was a big party. All 3 bands from Zany Zap were there and were partying hard. Kenji was known as the best host and entertainer and that’s why they all were in his home. Kenji was at his best, doing stuff for the others and preparing such great party. Everybody was enjoying it.

         Hey, Ryu, what are you doing, man? – somebody asked. Ryuichi was holding again his phone and watching and giggling at something.

         Again the phone! – explained Takuma. – He can’t live without it.

Everybody started laughing and Ryuichi felt embarrassed for a while, but then pointed at them all and said, while smiling:

         You all do this. Don’t judge me.

         Guilty! – fastly said Masatoshi. He was really at Internet in every free moment. He was even playing games while making niko lives.

They again laughed and continue talking. Suddenly, Yo-1 stood and grabbed their attention.

         Khum, I have an idea. Let’s play a game with the fans.

         What kind of game? – asked Shindy.

         It’s simple, let’s just put some naked pictures at Twitter. They all will get mad.

         Ohhh~ , everybody laughed, but immediately agreed with the idea.

         Who to start with? – asked Kenji. He was elated already. – Hey, what about Yoshihiro?

They all stared at Yoshihiro, but he was so confident. They were expecting him to say no, but he directly put his clothes off, ready for a picture. Suddenly, Ryuichi did the same and stood near Yoshihiro. And then the most unexpected one joined them – Shindy was shirtless, smirking and waiting for the pic to be taken. Masatoshi was the photographer! And after making the best pic, Masa put it in Twitter.

Immediately came million reactions. Retweets, favorites… everybody started replying to him and asking for more. Yo-1 was happy. After the first one, a bunch of pictures were taken and posted in Twitter. More and more comments were arriving. And then, icing on the cake… Kenji was staying in the middle of the room, pure naked and ready for a pic. This was going to be fabulous. Oh yeah, everybody were expecting it. They took the picture and posted it in Twitter. It was like a bomb…

Far from all this, Koichi was looking at Kenji, the naked Kenji. Strangely, he really felt nothing. And then he looked at Takuma. Takuma was talking with the other Takuma and they both were laughing. As always, while watching at Takuma, he felt those butterflies in his stomach. The pure Takuma – so cute, so beautiful, so innocent… Koichi sighed.

In the other part of the room Ryuchi was staring at Koichi. He narrowed his eyes.



1 week later.

It was a rehearsing day for GUILD’s members. They were just recorded the new songs for the album. Some lives were on their way before starting the new tour and everything had to be finished before the start.

Ryuichi and Koichi were in the studio and were sitting in 2 chairs, watching at their computers. They were talking about various things for the album. Ryu wanted to re-record one of the songs and Koichi was persuading him that everything is perfect.

Ryuichi was thinking. Should he do it or not? And if he do it, what can happen after it? There were no answer for this. Ryu thought about it again and again. Light has come in his mind. “I’m gonna do it, no matter what”, he thought and made a move.

What Koichi saw was the sudden move of Ryuichi and how he is coming closer to him. He didn’t expected this. Ryu sit in his lap and hugged him, while watching him with a promising smile. Koichi was stressed. “What the hell is he doing?”, he thought.

         Are you mad? What are you doing? – asked immediately Koichi.

         I saw you last week. I saw you how you were looking at Takuma. And I thought that… “, Ryu had to stop, because Koichi started to be very stunned.

At this moment many things happened. Ryu came even closer to Koichi’s lips, hugged him and at the same time the door had opened and Takuma came in. Shocked, Takuma was shocked. What is it?

         Oh, I’m sorry! – he said hastily and left the room.

Koichi was looking after him, still trying to realize what was just happened.

         What did you do? – he cried at Ryuichi. Finally managed to push him away and ran to the door.

Takuma was already in the hallway. He was running. Found a room and hide in it.



         Takuma was already hidden from people’s eyes. He was extremely sad, having no idea what is happening. He was going to see Koichi, he was happy and wanted to share this with Koichi.

         He asked one man from their staff where is he and understood that Koichi is with Ryuichi in the rehearsing room. He went there and fiercely opened the door and then bam… he saw Ryuichi sitting in Koichi’s lap and being so close. But why? Why Ryuichi? Takuma thought that only he is special for Koichi, that only he shares such moments with him, but now Ryuichi…

         Takuma was lost in thoughts. Everything was so unreal and somehow so real, that he wasn’t able even to believe it. He wasn’t happy now. If the things were going to be like this… what should he do?

         He remembered the first time, when he was so close with Koichi. It was on one of their lives and Koichi was dressed with a skirt and was looking like a sweet girl. He was playing a game and then Koichi almost kissed him. Takuma was taken aback, but then Koichi said that this is only to fool their fans, and he believed it. But some time later it happened again. And somehow suddenly Takuma found out how often he is thinking about Koichi, how he is looking at him when they share their hotel room and Koichi is sleeping. He even caught himself that he is happy when Koichi is happy. But… he thought that somehow, even though Koichi is so popular, that there is a chance and Koichi likes him in the same way. He believed it… until now.

         Was Koichi with Ryuichi too? Did they kiss? Or maybe even more? Why everything became so complicated? Why Koichi?

         Takuma was crying, curled up in the corner of the room. His heart was broken.



         When Koichi ran away from the room, Ryu already knew his answers. He was right, this was for real. Suddenly the door opened and Hire entered the room.

         Oh, Hire-kun, it’s you. – He said.

         Yeah, but what happened? I saw Koichi running and looking for somebody!

         I made my experiment. – Ryu noted. – Do you remember what we discussed yesterday?

         Something about Koichi and Takuma being together. Is it true? – Yoshihiro looked at Ryuichi, there had many questions in his mind.

         Yes, it is. I’m sure already. – and then Ryuichi told him what had happened some minutes ago.

This was so strange. They all were in a band and if two of them are couple, what was going to happen with the band? They was wondering…

         I suggest to leave them alone for now. At least, this is their life. I think that they have a lot of things to talk to. – said Ryuichi and Yoshihiro agreed with him.

         Yes. But what are we going to do now? – asked Hire.

         Let’s go to a party! – offered Ryu.

         Let’s go! – agreed Hire.

Two hours later, they were in the club, partying with some girls. European girls. Naked European girls.



Koichi was running so fast, but he couldn’t find Takuma. He was screaming his name, looking everywhere, but Takuma just had disappeared. This wasn’t good at all. He had to explain everything to him. This was a mistake, Ryuichi was so mean…

And then he saw that room – the only room he hadn’t checked. It was dark when he entered it, so he saw absolutely nothing. But when he decided to leave the room, he finally heard it. Somebody was crying. He was fast, turned on the lights and saw him. Takuma was at the corner, sobbing.

He went there and knelt beside him. Takuma looked up and saw him. His eyes were filled with tears.

         Why are you crying? Silly Takuma. How could you believe that?

         But you… with Ryuichi… – Takuma continued to cry.

         Ryuichi was testing me. He saw me, he just wanted to understand whether I love you.

         But… I want to know that too! – whispered Takuma.

Koichi started to laugh. Takuma hadn’t understood anything. And he thought he already understood.

         Oh, my silly baby! Of course that I love you. I can’t live without you. You make me feel things I never thought I could. I see my life only with you. And nobody can stop me – nor Ryuichi, nor Yoshihiro.

Takuma stared at him. Was this true? Really. Then he watched Koichi, exactly in his eyes. And he saw it – Koichi was telling him the truth. He believed it, Koichi loves him.


They were at the hotel. Koichi was sitting on the bed looking at Takuma. Takuma, his shy sweety. He held out his hand.

         Come here, baby! – he prompt him.

And Takuma didn’t hesitate. He jumped into his lap and hugged him violently. Leaned slightly toward him and touched his lips with his own. He grabbed his head and finally kissed him.

Koichi was even faster. Suddenly, he turned him and Takuma found himself trapped under Koichi. And Gosh, Koichi turned out to be a passionate lover. He started to kiss each little part of Takuma’s body.

         Let me show you how much I love you! – said Koichi. – Be ready this night! …..



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