Music Review: Black Gene For the Next Scene – Sora kara kobore ochiru 100 oku no hikari

blBlack Gene For the Next Scene is a band, formed from members Ice (formerly known as Eros from XodiacK), Rame (ex. VIDOLL), Toki (ex. DIXIES) and Sala. The band start activities on November 2011 and release lots of CDs so far. Now I am going to write about one of their latest releases and exactly 「空から零れ落ちる100億の光」(Sora kara kobore ochiru 100 oku no hikari). I should say that this release is something very good and… touching. I like it a lot. And Ice have this awesome voice…

Release date: 18 December 2013
Track list:
1. 空から零れ落ちる100億の光
2. カオティックリスマス
3. -1(アコースティックver)
4. 砂上の楼閣

“Sora kara kobore ochiru 100 oku no hikari” is one of the greatest song I had ever heard. Melodic ballad, which starts with slow melody and Ice starts to sing with his awesome voice. Makes me feel somehow nostalgic. I like when they add some more speed after the verses and little bit more faster chorus. Guitar solo also makes the song more touching somehow. It makes my heart bleeding. Makes me cry somehow. So good lyrics.

“Chaotic Christmas” is the second song in this release. It’s faster than the previous one and add some Christmas mood. I like it… well, since I love the most Christmas songs this is exactly on the target. Good guitars and good melody. I can imagine Ice in a costume of Santa Claus.

“-1 (acoustic version)” – I really do like original version of this song, but this acoustic version is actually very good. Of course, Toki is very good with his guitar. We all should agree with it. More ballad-y sound and a lot of feeling is added in here. And I like how the chorus sounds. Best of the best, good job, guys!

“Sajou no roukaku” is the third song from the other edition of the single. This is a fast one. Good job with drums, Sala! And in here I can clearly here Rame’s bass lines. It’s somehow… more like makes me dance. Very memorizing lyrics!

So, I give 10 out of 10 points to this! Awesome single! Probably my most favorite by BFN.


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