Amairo no life

Rewind + other stories

Wow, hadn’t writing personal post from a long time ago.

Yesterday, I went with my parents to my aunt’s house. She had a birthday the day before, so we went to celebrate. When we went there they were already waiting us, the kids loves me, so I had a lot of fun with them.

And this time the little Mimi surprised us. There had an old video tape from my cousin’s see off. See off, for those who don’t know what it is, is a big celebration for guys before to go on their military service. There isn’t such now, because there’s no more military service in our country. However, it was very interesting – on that tape I saw myself as a 6 years old kid. It was so funny, really. I mean, I was sweet little kid, dancing all the time even though I don’t know the steps. Ahh, such times…

Other thing about this day – we went there with our new car, Mercedes Benz, white, and totally unfamiliar for me. And then there comes that awkward moment when my dad decided to give me to drive… from the other seat. Khh… and I’m talking about night driving. I can’t even drive, but my dad decided to do this to me. It was so scary. I mean, I would like to learn to drive, but I don’t want my first driving to be at night. No, please!

And, of course, the last thing, my lights. I don’t have light in my room for 2 days already. I can’t remove the bulb from the socket. My mom don’t have enough strength too and dad said he have too big hand and can’t catch it. Yeah, my big light story. Uncle Vanio is coming today to finally fix this problem. I want lights.

0123My Schizo story is not over ^^


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