Amairo no life

Cherish the beautiful moments!

I was writing a post for Nippon Heaven, when I found a short story in Facebook. (Yes, I do multiple things.) I opened it in a new tab while I finish the post and actually forgot it for a while…

Minutes later I saw this tab, waiting me with the words “Interesting story”. It was a little bit longer than the usual stories written in Facebook, but it was shared from a very good friend of mine, so I thought I had to read it for sure. After I began reading, suddenly realized that is not going to be my first time to read this. It was about an old lady and her final day before going to a hospice. Whit every single line, row after row, my throat tightened and tears began to flow from my eyes. It was a very sad story and made me think about many things in my life.

7370842390_8e5a4abe53_k1We live only once in this world. Every moment is unique and will never come back to us. Every breath we take. Every move me make. This is our life. We need to live it in a fullest, greatest way. Be with people we want to be. Do the things we want to do. Share the best moments with our loved ones. Not give up from our dreams.

Human is the best creature of this world. We are the most beautiful, we have an amazing abilities, we are the ones who think. Why can’t we just out life beautiful? Why there is so much envy and malice in other humans?

You! Yes, you, the one who read this? Do you know that you’re unique? There is no other person like you. Don’t watch how you look like, don’t think that you’re not good.
Try to believe in yourself! And believe it!
Try to be good! And do it!
Help an old woman to cross the street!
Save a cat or dog, who is homeless!
Help a homeless person to find its place to live!

Don’t look at the bad things!
Live your own life!
Don’t cheat! Work hard!
Be honest to yourself!
Be you!

Cherish the small things – a smile from a child, good friend, warm evenings with your family, small present instead of big one!
Cherish your beautiful moments!
Cherish your life!


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