Book Review: Sandstorm

SandstormTitle: Sandstorm
Author: James Rollins
Genre: Thriller
Publication date: 6th September 2004

An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities collection of a London museum, setting off alarms in clandestine organizations around the world. And now the search for answers is leading Lady Kara Kensington; her friend Safia al-Maaz, the gallery’s brilliant and beautiful curator; and their guide, the international adventurer Omaha Dunn, into a world they never dreamed existed: a lost city buried beneath the Arabian desert. But others are being drawn there as well, some with dark and sinister purposes. And the many perils of a death-defying trek deep into the savage heart of the Arabian Peninsula pale before the nightmare waiting to be unearthed at journey’s end: an ageless and awesome power that could create a utopia… or destroy everything humankind has built over countless millennia.

My impression:
I have no idea why, but this book is one of those I read very very slow. You know, there is some books, which are too difficult to read.
Even though, the story is very interesting. At the beginning I didn’t thought that it can end like this. I pretty much like stories about the past and since I’m Christian, I wanted to see what should it be if I try to look and understand like a person with no particular religion. The story itself have nothing with the religion, so don’t even try to think like this.
I like and at the same time I dislike how the author change the main character – there was a moments in which I was wondering from whom point of view I read.
As there is too many characters, there is too many storytellers. I mostly preferred, when I was reading and viewing through Safia – she had very interesting way of thinking and logic. Another woman – Cassandra, even though she is bad character, there was something to learn from her.
The one pissing me off through the whole book – Omaha Dunn. I can’t even explain why, but he was very annoying to me.
The main story is too fictional, in my opinion, as such thing is unthinkable. But the author impress with the ability to mix the real and unreal in a very good way.
All in all, I wasn’t sure at the beginning, but the book is good and if you like thrillers – this is a good choice. The book as well is the first one from the “Sigma Force” series, so you will have a lot more to read as the 10th book will be released this year. Have a nice reading!


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