Music Review: Anli Pollicino – Angel Heart

Anli Pollicino 43Anli Pollicino is Japanese visual kei band, formed in 2006. Well, I firstly heard about the band in 2010 when it was announced that a band from their agency will visit Europe (GUILD) and I was looking for some music from them, but all I found was videos from Anli’s European tour, which I was totally not understood about. But back then I wasn’t so informed about visual kei bands. So yes, along with GUILD, Anli Pollicino is my started in visual kei. Back then I liked a lot the song “Time” from their first official release and I was listening to it many many times. Later I’ve been addicted to Mr.0, but this is whole other story.

However, now I’m pretty much informed about the band as they stay in my “Favorites” list since then and from some time I’m part from AnliFacts, which is band’s support community, which in my opinion is one of the best fan sites ever created, so I recommend you to go check their website for all information about the band, in English. Their site is stylish and you’ll be able to find everything in the right place.

Today I’m going to write about band’s latest single “Angel Heart”. It was released in 1st January, exactly in the beginning of the year. It consist of 3 songs and it’s still available in the stores in Japan and also in online stores such CD Japan.

eazz-0115Release date: 1st January 2014
Track list:
1. Angel Heart
2. Limit
3. Lips to Lips

“Angel Heart” is the first song from the single. It starts with a dance tune, which can make your body moves with the rhythm. Then Shindy’s voice interrupt the tune, starting the verse. There is some auto-tune in his voice, but this don’t interfere, it makes the song even better. I like the guitar sound after the first chorus and the dancy guitar melody after the second one. The chorus itself is very catchy as I can sing along after the 3rd listen of the song.

Here comes the second song “Limit”, which at the beginning reminds me somehow of KAT-TUN and later on of Golden Bomber, but this fast disappear after the singer open his mouth. In here I can clearly here Kiyozumi’s fast drumming and the sound from Masatoshi’s bass. This is kinda funny song for me, but with awesome guitar chords. Takuma and Yo-1 plays their parts in a glorious way.

“Lips to Lips” is probably my most favorite song from the single. Kiyo is dizzying at the beginning of the song, which continues with fast sounds and auto-tuned voices again, leading us to the awesome chorus. I was singing this “Na na na na chotto matte” for days, even months. I usually caught myself dancing, while humming this song. I like this switch bass – guitar after the second chorus – very good Masatoshi as always. The song is fast and catchy, with good lyrics and awesome melody, which is very much memorable. Very good job in this song, guys!

All in all, the single is filled with fast and dancy songs, which can stay in one’s mind for a long period of time. I recommend it in 100% – this release is a must to hear for all fans of visual kei music.


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