Book Review: Carnal Innocence

Carnal InnocenceTitle: Carnal Innocence
Author: Nora Roberts
Genre: Suspense, mystery
Publication date: December 1991

In the small town of Innocence, Mississippi, days are long, nights are fragrant, and secrets are hard to keep. But when a brutal killer starts claiming the lives of the town’s most attractive women, lifelong neighbors are forced to wonder if the culprit is a stranger lurking in the bayou… or someone right next door.
World-famous concert violinist Caroline Waverly knows nothing of the murders when she arrives in Innocence. Burned out from a childhood lost to endless rehearsals and an all-too-public breakup with the conductor who was her lover, Caroline is looking for a little peace and some time to think. She hopes that a stay at her late grandmother’s house the one with a covered porch just made for soft summer nights will provide the tranquility she needs. But Innocence has something else to offer Caroline: a man named Tucker Longstreet.
Blessed with the Longstreet good looks, lazy charm, and family fortune, Tucker is a tall, cool drink of water and he knows it. He likes to keep his romances short and shallow. But one look at Caroline, and Tucker realizes that she is unlike any other woman he’s met. Tightly coiled and coolly reserved, Caroline is determined to fight him off. She might be able to do a better job if she hadn’t felt an unexpected thrill at his ardent advances…and if she hadn’t been so scared after finding a third murder victim in the murky waters behind her home.
For Caroline Waverly,a beautiful summer interlude could turn into much more or could stir a killer’s crazed dreams. Because there’s just one small problem with her new romance: Tucker is the leading suspect in the killings.

My impression:
When I started to read the book, I didn’t expected it to be so good. I had read some other books of Nora Roberts before, but not a mixture between love story and murders. At first I was wondering should I start it or not, but as I know how good writer is Mrs. Roberts I decided to give it a try. The story is like a temptation, starting as a just the next story from the American South, but later on it makes you read page after page and to wonder who is this mysterious killer. Victim after victim, chapter after chapter… you can’t stop reading and making your own conclusions about the possible killer. Also, a love story between a delicate woman and hot man. I’m not going to tell you how many stories came in my mind during reading. And most of them were about hot naked men…
However, the culprit ended to be the most unexpected one. Even though I was thinking about the possibility to be Dwayne, i never thought it can be Josie. Wow… really?
By the way, I just saw that there is movie, based on the book, so I’ll see if I’ll be able to find and watch it.

However, let me say that this is very interesting story and needs your attention. If you ever find it on some bookshelf, don’t hesitate of taking it. It will make your blood boiling.
Give it 4 out of 5 stars. Truly recommended for mystery lovers.


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