Amairo no life

On my way to…

Hello, everyone! How are you lately?

I’m so out of touch, especially on internet. This is rare moment, but there is an explanation, of course. I finally found a job – here, in Bulgaria. I signed the contract already, so I’m going to stay there for sure. The job is very responsible and I have to be focused all the time. But I do like it. And believe me, it’s million times better than all jobs I had in London. Yes, it’s true… no matter what my sister says.

I found some good people in my workplace. Especially one of them – he is awesome person. I like to spend my time with him, because he understands me very well and we are in total synchronization. For everything. And I feel very strange, cuz I never had such experience and I know him for like… 14 days only. But however, I do enjoy every minute spent with him.

Other thing, I went on SANA’s live on 2nd April, but I’m going to write about it in my next post, probably tomorrow.
There are a lot of things that I want to write, but recently I’m so busy, that I only try to manage the things with Nippon Heaven. I guess that now I’ll start again to write more personal blogs, not only reviews. I want a place, where to write what I think and I think here is my own place, so… why not?

However, I’m on my way to… work. I’m second shift today! This evening will be interesting, I think.


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