Amairo no life


Definitely, I need more time. And new laptop. Not that something happened in this one – well, actually happened, but not technically. My mother happened to it. So she had a Facebook and she thinks that whenever she want to use it, I just have to go somewhere else. No matter I do something at the moment, she just don’t care. There is 2 variants – to buy new laptop for me or to buy new PC for her. Probably will be the second choice as the laptops are more expensive that PCs. But first, I’m going to buy myself phone.

Yes, I already made the plan. xD It will come exactly for my birthday this year. I liked this model some months ago, but I didn’t had the opportunity to buy it. Now, there is a chance and I’ll surely grab it. And I’ll write about it as soon as I have it in my hands. It have a good camera, so I’ll be able again to take photos. I can’t now, since I don’t have what to take them with. Pfff…

Aaahh, yes. I need more time. Not only because of the laptop. There is lots of things I missed recently. But I’m not going to moan about it actually. I just regret. However, I’m enjoying my life right now, even though most of the time I’m on work. But it’s pure fun, especially now.

However, soon is Easter. Are you prepared for the holiday, guys? Cuz I’m still not xD




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